Enrollment Zones

What is an enrollment zone?
Within DPS, an enrollment zone is a geographic area where the students living within it are guaranteed a seat at one of several schools, not just one particular school.

There are many benefits to a shared-access zone, including:

  • Increased access to high-performing schools
  • Increased access to transportation options
  • Priority over students who don’t live in that area
  • Access to different types of school programs
  • Schools can better plan for the right number of students

How do I find out if I’m in an enrollment zone?
Enter your address into Find Your Neighborhood School on the DPS website.

How can I find out more about the schools in an enrollment zone?
Call one of our Enrollment Centers or click a link below for a guide to each DPS enrollment zone:


Elementary Schools

Far Southeast Elementary Schools English | Spanish | Arabic

Stapleton-Area Elementary Schools English

Middle Schools

Far Northeast Middle Schools English | Spanish

Greater Park Hill/Stapleton Middle Schools English | Spanish

Lake-Area Middle Schools English | Spanish

Near Northeast Denver Middle Schools English | Spanish

Northwest Denver Middle Schools English | Spanish

Southwest Denver Middle Schools English | Spanish | Vietnamese

West Denver Middle Schools English | Spanish | Vietnamese

High Schools

Far Northeast High Schools English | Spanish

West Campus High Schools English | Spanish

School photo shoot at Manual High School in September 2015.