Round 2 of SchoolChoice opens in late April

Round 2 of the DPS SchoolChoice process will open in late April for all grades except Early Childhood Education (Round 2 for ECE remains open until April, 2023).

Who is it for?
Round 2 of SchoolChoice is for families who missed Round 1; took part in Round 1 but want to re-explore their options; or are new to DPS for next school year.

How do I apply?
Sign into your SchoolChoice account and apply to your preferred schools. If you don’t have an account, you can create one using your email address or a current Parent Portal log-in. You can also call the Choice Hotline at 720-423-3493 for assistance with submitting a Round 2 application.

How does Round 2 work?
There is no lottery in Round 2, but priorities are given. Round 2 applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, within school priority groups. Once the application is submitted, your student will be placed on a waitlist for the school(s) on the submitted application. If the school has available space, your student will receive a seat offer at which time you will have 48 hours to accept or decline the seat. If a waitlist exists, your student will be added to the list in date and time order within your given priority. Waitlists are dynamic, meaning your waitlist positions can move up or down based on the actions and priorities of all other applicants, both from Round 1 and Round 2.

If your student is accepted to a school in Round 2, any Round 1 school assignment is relinquished. You will remain on waitlists for any higher-ranked schools.

Call the SchoolChoice Hotline at 720-423-3493 or email